Meditation and Goal-Setting Workshop with Kumi

The end-of-year meditation and goal setting workshop with Kumi provided a wonderful, inspirational platform for participants of the ISHTA School of Yoga & Health to launch themselves with renewed energy, zest and vigour into the New Year…

Speaking on universal laws and principles such as the Laws of Attraction and Abundance, Kumi’s straightforward approach is refreshing: “Life is simple,” he says.

Explaining the downward spiral that so often affects those of us choosing to live in our fast-paced, demanding environments, Kumi explains how our apathy, negativity and lack of enthusiasm can create physical disorders or “dis-eases” that result from living out of accordance with these natural laws. “Everywhere we look we are surrounded by nature and nature is full of abundance – we just have to look at how many leaves there are on the trees to know this!”

We are all born to be abundantly successful, says Kumi, who maintains that the secret to living a prosperous life is to focus on the intentions behind your thoughts. “We create reality in our conscious state through the thoughts we think. We therefore need to focus our attention on the intention of our thoughts and go back to our essence,” Kumi expounds.

“Life is a flow of experiences,” he says. “If you don’t like the experience, change it!” Often however we are too lazy to really work with ourselves, to empower ourselves and to be responsible for our reality. According to Kumi, we look outside ourselves for our happiness when “the seat of our power lies within our creative, conscious mind”.

“By letting the mind become flexible through yoga and meditation and learning to relax, we are able to synchronise our vibrations with the universe and tune into the frequency of success. By giving ourselves the permission to feel worthy of success, we will become successful,” Kumi says.

After a half-hour guided deep relaxation, everyone had experienced an uplifting shift in energy and a healing return to our individual and collective essences, which according to Kumi, is like sugar – pure sweetness. Realigning our energy and consciously creating our realities, we look forward to a blessed and successful 2012!


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