Winter Warming Asanas

The cold and sometimes overcast days of winter can wear on a person physically and emotionally. It is easy to get down and negative during winter if we don’t keep active and practice yoga and if we don’t listen to the natural world.

While we know that winter allows the soil to rest and replenish and gives foliage a way to rid itself of old growth in order to make room for the new growth that comes in the spring, these natural processes of death and new birth carry over into our spiritual lives as well.

Sometimes we may feel that parts of us are dying. The “spiritual winter” seeks to give us rest, let things that need to die do so, and offers the hope of new growth. If we slow down and let it do its job, then winter becomes something that we can treasure. 

During cold months, use yoga as a tool to stay warm and internally happy! Although it is dangerous to stretch cold muscles, these simple poses will get the blood flowing. Try these winter warming asanas and practice (gently) everyday….


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