Yoga Playtime

moms & babes1Create special
“us-time” for you and your baby at Conscious Birth’s
Mom’s & Babe’s Yoga!

Theoni will show you how to deepen your yoga practice in amidst time with your baby. There will be other moms in the same situation as you that you can connect with and share with in terms of all the ups and downs you are experiencing. It is yoga playtime: learn how to get your baby engaged, relaxed and comfortable with this “new” form of play. Theoni creates an atmosphere of total acceptance and fun and the classes will focus on yoga that stretches and strengthens you as a mother to help you find balance in all that you do.

What to bring: Yourself, pillow, blanket and mat if you have, all babies “stuff”
When: Tuesdays 11.30am to 12.30pm
Where: ISHTA School of Yoga & Health, 121 Atholl Road, Atholl
Cost: R650 for mom and baby for six weeks, paid in advanced, regardless of attendance.

What can we expect from classes?
* Connect with baby on the outside
* Strength your body and flexibility
* Focus on developing strength of your abdomen, back and pelvic floor
* Witness your baby discovering his/her body
* Reduce any stress and anxiety around mothering, and life daily demands
* Meet other moms and babes, and reconnect to those you were pregnant with


  For any information or queries, please call Theoni on 083 229 3253, email
or visit

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